Uncomplicate your story

You already have a story.

But wait—do you know why people tell stories? There are no wrong answers, but let me offer you my thoughts.

We tell stories to remember. It’s why we tell the Little Red Riding Hood story to children. If we were to tell a child, “be scrutinous,” they wouldn’t give a care. However, if we make that lesson a story of a daring little girl, her sweet grandmother, and a terrible, conniving wolf, they’ll listen over and over again (which is good, because we need them to get that lesson).

So yeah, stories are lessons. We love the ones that give us something important. In this post, I’m going to share with you how to find the lesson (or, purpose) of the important story within you.


What we love about you.

You said enough was enough. You craved something different. You studied and learned how to get it. You got it—and you became better.


This story is everywhere and in everyone. But we never get tired of hearing the different ways it can be told, and it’s true for your unique story too. Here are some questions you can ask yourself to bring out the enthralling story of your own life.

Wait! Let’s not just scroll through the questions and answer them in a few non-committal words. Find the questions in a Google Doc here, make a copy for your eyes only, and take 20 minutes or so to fill out the answers.

After you answer the questions, form your one-sentence lesson (aka brand purpose). Here’s a helpful template to keep in mind:

  1. help
  2. people (others in your same spot want to be a part of your story)
  3. reach
  4. goal

Make it BIG! We are writing your 10-year vision now.

Here are some example brand purposes to get you started.

  • Empower entrepreneurs in restoring chaos to order.
  • Inspire college dropouts to break out of inertia.
  • Make a safe space for children’s creativity.

Create this purpose for yourself as a CEO and let it be the starting point for your brand’s. Make your company’s story in the same way, making sure it branches logically from your personal brand purpose.

Now that you have your purpose in clear words, let it shape the design decisions, content marketing, partnerships, hires, and so on, that you make as a brand. The purpose is where you’re pointing to and where people will follow you to.

Every person in your company is a vector. Your progress is determined by the sum of all vectors.

Elon Musk