Resourcefulness and solving big problems

According to the Harvard Business Review, entrepreneurship is “the pursuit of opportunity beyond resources controlled.⁠“⁠ ⁠In other words, an entrepreneur is anyone who spots an opportunity and decides to pursue it regardless of the resources currently at their disposal.

Entrepreneurial business owners see what could be and try to find a way to make it happen, even if they don’t have everything on hand to do so right now.

Being ahead of our resources is in the job description, so it must be something we have to accept to make “it” happen.

How can we be more resourceful?

My favorite lesson lately is that I can’t solve all my problems at the same time, so making a series of good choices about where to focus resources is the most important task.

I can’t solve all my problems at the same time. And I definitely shouldn’t just solve a bunch of them halfway. That won’t help me!

A choice must be made on where to dedicate my resources to solve my most important and far-reaching problem.⁠

By focusing resources, you magnify your impact.