The only tip you need to write powerful website content.

Say your point first, then explain it.

People don’t have short attention spans online. But, they will only give limited attention until proven safe.

Our “short attention span online” problem is actually a mechanism for defense of our time.

I heard a great copywriter say the purpose of the first word in any piece of marketing writing (from magazine ads to articles) is to get you to read the second word. The second word’s purpose? To get you to read the third word, and so on.

I want to teach you the trick today to hold their your visitors’ attention for 2, 3, 5 or even 10 minutes. It can be done, you just have to know a bit about why people read online.

So, meet the inverted pyramid, the writing style that’ll make everything you do more effective so you can stop trying so hard.

What is the inverted pyramid?

It’s a writing method from journalism practices. It’s also known as “front-loading.” It means you should start with your conclusion or most important information first.

There are many benefits to this writing style.

  • Visitors can learn quickly whether your product is for them or not.
  • They can stop reading and any time and still come away with the main point of your homepage, popup ad, or article.
  • Visitors can easily skim around your article and come out with the information they need. They can choose to read only part of your writing knowing the second half is not as important as the first.
  • Robots love when important keywords go in the front. (I’m speaking about robots such as Googlebot aka SEO!)

This style of writing is very direct—just the way people on the web want their writing to be. It may feel bold or even a bit rude to write this way at first, but it’s an effective way to gain trust with website visitors.