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Kawaii tarot

Tarot app taking the world by storm.

You’ve seen tarot cards before. Their intricate, dark art (“Death? That’s bad, right??”) is intimidating to some who would otherwise love to learn the craft.

Kawaii Tarot is a very cute response to that.

The app has been downloaded by well over 100k people, and the physical cards are now sold in Barnes & Noble, Urban Outfitters, and Hot Topic.

Known in some circles as the “Tiktok deck” because of its popularity on the platform.

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Group 42

How To Brand You

A freemium brand voice quiz that’s got a sense of humor and speaks to you like a friend, complete with emoji, about high-level concepts like Jungian archetypes. How to Brand You makes defining one’s brand voice accessible and doable for small business owners, when it’s usually behind the gates of some expensive consultant. (Hello.)

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Group 43


A relatable Instagram marketing tool that sticks out from the rest thanks to its clear story—grow like a plant—it’s a simple one, but people responded to it. Sogro saw conversion rates go from 4% to 10%. With a $10 increase on monthly subscriptions as well, they achieved $1 million in ARR one year.

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Tech brand strategist

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