How to establish brand consistency with style tiles (+ free download)

Your brand identity encompasses everything from social media profiles and logos to color and fonts. It needs to be consistent across all your communications, including your website, email, social media and printed materials such as brochures and business cards.

I’ve created this free style tile design to help you establish brand design consistency. Read more about style tiles here.

How to use the file.

  1. Design your header with logo.
  2. Pick a Google font (recommended because of their open licensing) for your header. Choose a Serif or Sans-serif for maximum readability.
  3. Pick another Google font or even the same one to be your paragraph font.
  4. List out all the colors you’ll be using for your brand.
  5. Design your primary and secondary buttons.
  6. Choose a consistent icon style to present, whether outlined, solid, whimsical, etc.
  7. Create some backgrounds or photo moods to specify as in-brand graphic elements.