About Me


One day in the ’90s, there a girl was on Microsoft FrontPage. She thought, “I’m building this Krusty Krab fansite, but who built FrontPage?” And thus she awoke to her future.

I’m obsessed with launching digital products. Of the dozens and dozens I’ve worked on, design strategy made the difference.

How? I know. The normal path is to put out an ugly MVP, and once you have profit, consider branding. (“But at that point why would you need it?”)

Well, let the drudges think that, but we know the truth: Being the different company from the start? Being the opinionated option? It’s the only way to cut through the noise and connect.

I help SaaS, startups, and coders with their brand strategy. My mission is to find out that unique, simple spark your product has the potential for. Then I bring it out. More than a logo, I make your product the remarkable one.

If you’re at 4+ figures MRR or ready to be, let’s transcend. Introduce yourself.

Tech brand strategist

📍 Albuquerque, NM